Tuesday, 17 February 2015

North threatens to nuke U.S. in a broad campaign! North Korea threatened Wednesday a nuclear strike against the United States using advanced atomic weapons in an official message to Washington issued by the country’s highest decision-making body headed by its leader Kim Jong-un. HERE WE GO AGAIN! THERE IS A CATCH NOW! IT CLAIMS IT HAS ADVANCED NUKES! MUST HAVE GOTTEN THE NEW SIMULATIONS OF NUKES FROM RUSSIA!

NO JOKE! KOREA CLAIMS TO HAVE THEM! What is the advanced simulations of nukes is what you did before but with a total 100% virtual testing which allows the North Koreans to test their nukes with no warnings or signs whatsoever. Either that or they got some land from China to test their nukes on their soils. North Korea would never do anything to China so there is a high enough trust to do this! THIS IS THE ORDER OF ENKI! WE GIVE OUT TRUTH WITH SPIRITUAL SPYING! THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO AGAINST IT! Why? Cause kinetic tech is far off from humans to understand it yet. It will take quite some time before it is reached!

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