Monday, 22 December 2014

War Chronicles 22nd December 2014

My dear friends. Today the following happened:
December 22 Winter Solstice (Shortest Day and Longest Night of the Year) Orgies (Oral, Anal, or
Vaginal, Any Age, Human
or Animal)
(This is a Holiday of lesser significance to the Satanists)
As a result my dear brothers and sisters I have attacked them!

The end conclusion amounted to a over 23 000 000 000 death quota with a personal greeting from a spy from their kin in the Palace of Lord Anu King of Watchers. Their days are outnumbered.

The summon was Lord Gibil fire Lord and son of Lord Lullu Lord King of Fire. With the Celestial Fires I can assure all that much of evil was erased never to be around. Spiritually strictly speaking. I used a tool designed by Lord Nebo and Lord Enki along with other Elder Gods as help. The power of this tool was specially set at 40 the Number of Lord Enki and personally empowered with his attributes.

To the most extents I thank my Brother James for his knowledge in helping me fight evil spiritually.

LET’S CONTINUE TO KILL OFF EVIL! For Truly no child deserves anything like that no matter what!

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