Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Caps off for a more normalization. Hello all. It’s time to reveal you more things. Project Japan is over. That means Japan is going to die out and there is nothing anyone can do about it cause you know it’s been proven of Fukushima that it’s not fixable.

As a result I am sadly paying the ultimate price my vitality for it. Quite daring and hard to pay as I feel my body is like 70 years old at only the mere 30s reached.

I am warning all that I will write a book or should I say 2 of them to divulge all I have seen and experienced along with all titles and get this ALL NICKNAMES AND USER NAMES I have come across to make it clear. Yeah I will spill how all treated things in anime and what it really stands for in terms of Satanism, pedophilia and religion insulting.

I might get shot but I care of nothing but revealing all links of the OTO, Illuminati and Masons along with the other groups under their control. People need to know how they used Japan in their media mind control experiments and other tech try outs on the people. This is human experimentations we are talking about and it’s quite a grave crime on Earth no matter what. I am going full out. Hopefully before Japan shall die out and my deal with God stands.

That’s right the deal I made with God is the equivalent of what Noah and Moise was promised in terms of level. It’s clear: Japan shall be no more, all their culture shall be no more and all who support it shall be no more. This includes standing up for anything belonging or of theirs. Things should be clear that no direct association to Japan must be after it sinks. Else ye shall suffer eternally as much as ye all that supported Satan and evil itself that ye God almighty determined.

Such is the deal. My further orders are to share all I can with all of Japan’s anime and after the incident to continue sharing what is available. I am to not watch anymore anime ever except for titles not done in the research and further myself as much as possible from Japan and anything of theirs. As the time comes I shall give all I have of Japan to my superiors. Whom I shall not say more of them. All that Japan has done made it a race to destroy forever by God for Japan so much hurt divinity and I was given privileges to prove it to them. So much that they decided earlier that no more of anime viewing/transmissions are to be done. The Elder Gods had enough after 7 years of perfection. A pity to you Japan for what God saved the humans from God shall punish them such Sodom and its sister city did so shall in another manner Japan. AMEN!

THIS IS THE ASCENSION! You are all being judged upon your actions by God more than ever. Be steady and fight evil. Don’t support it like Miley Cirrus fans do or pedo anime does. Go against evil and YOU SHALL BE REWARDED! Go with evil and annihilation of your soul shall be your end if not eternal suffering.

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