Saturday, 15 February 2014


What are the legal liabilities that need the $205 trillion that will not be spent on the private sector? Why keep a demon possessed illegal Muslim President in the White House. When are the sheeple going to understand that the government is not doing the people any favors? Our representatives are not even thinking about the people they represent. They are not trimming back on spending. The party-life continues full blast in Washington, and the need to be seen is just as important to the media hacks that hide the important news around the US and the world, as it is for the politicians. Photo opportunities, a sound-bite, free food provided by taxpayer money, and plenty of drinks, and a date-rape drug, or a “mickey” as they used to say.

A quick trip via the FBI or CIA, or you can fill in the blank to the hotel room complete with hookers and young boys available to ruin that congressman that thought that he had someone who had his back. This is the MO that is repeated on Capitol Hill to blackmail our representatives to get them to vote against the voters of their state on something they don’t want and can’t afford. When will the people understand that the FED Reserve is a Jewish Institution, and that centralized banking at the top of the pyramid is controlled by Jewish bankers. Then count how many Jews are in politics, in “key” positions, who have dual citizenship to Israel and the US, but to them Israel is the first loyalty. Did you know that Israel gets our newest fighter jets before our military does? Did you know that Congress passed a law that lets Israel get the “live feed” from the NSA first before it gets to the NSA? Edward Snowden hasn’t even released this information.

Right now, there are over 250,000 Chinese who appear to be students, but are here to take over Federal lands and the resources on those lands. Many of these students belong to the Chinese Army, who are standing on alert to have “boots on the ground, as possession is nine-tenths of the law. In 2006, the Bank of China sent two groups of eight people to estimate the value of the resources on Federal lands. It is estimated that there are over 50,000 Russian soldiers in the US. In Venezuela, the government has shut off all media sources and Twitter, because the military are shooting student protestors in the streets, dropping them like they are nothing more than a bullseye on a target, certainly not like the youth and leaders of tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we protect a gay man in the White House, without a birth certificate, without a social security number, without a selective service number, who has probably never made a car payment, and buddy of Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground, who wrote the Barry Soetoro book, Dreams of my Father. Yes, his real name is not Barak, but Barry. Another thing that you might want to mull over is the fact that Obama’s campaign when he was running for Senator of Illinois, he admitted that he was not a citizen to Alan Keys, and his campaign staff were so proud that an African from the village of MomBossa, Kenya, Africa was now their Senator. Later, when running for President, the birthplace of Obama signs in Kenya had to be removed, even though Obama’s grandmother and the Ambassador from Kenya all had to lie and say that Obama had been born in Hawaii, although his real birth certificate is from Kenya. All the birth certificates, social security numbers and selective service numbers are fakes. Remember when Obama had that passport from Indonesia, where he attended Muslim schools, and got financial aid from Fullbright that was only available for foreign students, so Obama was able to get funding for attending Occidental College in LA. In 1981, Obama went to Pakistan on some kind of a CIA communication job. He knows the terrorist leaders on a first name basis at that time. Obama’s mother also worked for the CIA. This was during the period of time Obama was to have attended Columbia, when he never attended there at all. Now, after attending and basically flunking-out at Occidental, going to Pakistan, and now getting into Harvard, does that make sense? A connection to George Soros, the Jewish Hungarian banker, may have been the opening into Harvard, as Obama’s transcripts were hardly Harvard material. Obama became a community organizer when he and Michelle were lawyers weren’t they? Why can’t either one of them practice law? What did they do that sidelined their careers in law, and what would they need to do so they could practice law? After all these years, there are still too many unanswered questions by the most transparent administration in US history.

Did you hear that we are down another $205 trillion in addition to all the other trillions that we can not repay. We would sooner give money to illegals than take care of our troops that have limbs blown off, or take care of the lousy care that is given in Veterns Administration Hospitals throughout the US. Are we treating our soldiers now like we treated the Viet Nam veterans in the 1960′s and 1970′s?

The hidden cabal that runs the world behind the scenes can be found by following the money, straight to the elite bankers that back both sides of all wars and collect interest from the governments that barrow money to finance wars. Here in the US, we have been involved in too many wars, therefore we owe the money and interest to these bankers that lent to to us in the first place. It is my opinion that the Rothschild family from Germany, that Satan, or Lucifer, if you prefer, has been entrusted to guard the root of all evil, the love of money. Rothschild bankers set the opening and closing prices of gold, the price of oil per barrel, the price of commodities world wide, and they intermarry among other Luciferian bloodlines, that trace their heritage back to the Fallen Angels.

In light of these problems, we will be leaving an ugly America to our youth, who will never know what America used to be all about. They will know poverty, starvation, domination, control, and hopelessness by an elite few that they can not see, and if they are unable to work for the state, then they are “useless eaters” and they are considered worthless and expendable. The Great Tribulation of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is coming upon us now. Who can stand against the Beast?

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